Our dedicated team at Evelhair Handmade hand crafts every single hat, scarf, and ear warmer with love and attention to detail. We use the highest quality wool/acrylic yarn blends to ensure you receive the best product possible. We are an eco-friendly business where no scraps go to waste. We have teamed up with small breweries who share our focus on passion, creativity and quality to provide wholesale services as well as retail. Evelhair Handmade is the flagship brand of our company Minimalist Outpost, whose mission is to make the most out of life. Minimalist Outpost's goal is to create and provide products that eliminate the amount of things in your life in order to free you for your experiences.

How It Started:

I always loved crafting with my mother growing up, so when she was making scarves for her six sisters for Christmas one year, I asked her to teach me so I could make one for my sister... needless to say, my sister did not receive a scarf that year. I found myself swearing at my crooked scarf and ultimately gave up... but not for long.
It took about three winters for me to finally get the hang of it, which is when I moved on to learning how to make hats. I had so many left over from trying to practice that I decided to put them on my Facebook page and sell them to recoup my yarn cost. Ultimately, this led to me finding a consignment shop to work with the following year.
In 2016, I decided to quit my job and sell my home and start fresh, but I didn't have a Plan B, let alone a Plan C or D. While trying to decide what exactly I wanted to do with my life, I figured I could at least work on making hats in the meantime. As I began turning my hobby into a business, I realized how fulfilled I felt as I was learning so many new things. The growth I was experiencing created a form of happiness I never felt before and despite so many doubts from so many people, I kept the momentum going.
As I was searching for ways to grow my business, I had a brilliant idea to combine two of the things I loved... crocheting & beer. Some of you may wonder what these two things have in common... I'll give you a hint, it's the quality. I had worked at a brewery for 6 years, where I fell in love with craft beer and the whole process behind it. I knew how important quality was to that type of business and how important it was to me and my business, so I started teaming up with breweries to make custom hats for them to sell to their customers. Since 2016, I have now worked with breweries all over Pennsylvania and have been expanding to other states, such as Vermont and Colorado.
With a growing handmade business, I knew I would need more hands... as everyone warned me, it's nearly impossible to keep up with demand, but I knew there were people who loved to crochet as much as I did, so I reached out via social media.  I was overwhelmed with how quickly I found such talented/qualified individuals who wanted to come work for me. Today, I am a proud leader of seven uniquely talented, beautiful, kind ladies who put their heart and soul into each product they make. Check out our "OUR TEAM" page to read more about these inspiring women.