I’ve made a career of my life in the insurance industry and currently still going strong at it.  I’ve held several positions in this field with the most challenging being a Claims Adjuster for a major insurance company.  I found this job very challenging every step of the way but I’ve always been a believer in “never stop learning”.
Throughout my career, although focused on my job and my family, I enjoy being creative in my spare time. I love to garden, do floral arranging, cake decorating and crocheting.  Having a hobby was always a way for me to escape my family and career demands. Crocheting was one of my first hobbies I picked up at a very young age. I love making new things, creating my own patterns and sharing my creations with others.
When my daughter asked me if I could teach her how to make a hat I was thrilled to see her take an interest in something I loved, but never did I imagine she would “stick with it” and end up where she is today, running a business.  Now we continue to work together creating new ideas and patterns.
I am not only proud to be an active part of Jenna's business, but I’m a proud Mom to have a daughter as a friend and partner in my life.


My name is Genevieve. Originally from Michigan, I moved to Fort Collins in 2014. I have always enjoyed creating and crafting. Since I can remember, I was always the type to give handmade gifts to friends and family for holidays and birthdays. I truly found my love for crocheting during my pregnancy with my son, Robin. During the cold winter months of the second half of my pregnancy, I began crocheting both stuffed animals and clothing for my child. 
Another thing I’ve always had a strong love for is plants. To explore this passion further, I became a certified herbalist in 2016. Since that time, I have been employed as a staff herbalist at the Golden Poppy Apothecary in Old Town, Fort Collins. This has also allowed me to express my creativity though serving the public and helping people through the use of herbal medicine each and every day. 
I find beauty and inspiration day in and out through life with my family.